Night of the Masked


Come and join us for a night of

Spectacular musical entertainment, dances and opera
Mind boggling magical performances
Breath taking Cyr Wheel exhibition
Display of baroque inspired collections via a fashion show
Sumptuous canapes and beverage pass around during guest reception
Feast your heart with 3-course gourmet dinner
Chance to win the NOTM CROWN King and Queen
Chance to win NOTM 2018 best dressed male and female
Extravagant prizes for winners
Special rates with our partners

All guests receive luxurious guest box containing NOTM souvenir mask and a very exclusive line of products for the red-carpet gift bags


google-maps.pngHabtoor Palace


Themed Masquerade Ball
Theme: Baroque


Friday, October 5, 2018
Door opens at 6:30 PM

Dress Code: White Tie – Baroque Inspired - No Mask No Entry


The city synonymous to innovation, vitality and vigor, this phenomenal destination opens its doors for the first time to the grandeur, traditions and inspirations of the masked balls of Venice, Paris, Versailles, Monaco, and New York

This year, Dubai, the seat of endless wonders and indomitable imagination welcomes


Masked Ball


Masquerade Balls go back as early as the 14th and 15th centuries as part of Europe’s carnival season wherein participants, guests and attendees come in their best costumes paired with fancy face masks; both male and female wear full makeup to basically conceal their identity so as to freely join, mingle and indulge in the merriment regardless of their social standings.


They eventually picked up and became so popular that they were used to celebrate Royal Entries: the grand occasion of welcoming kings and queens into their cities.




Baroque is a Portuguese term, which referred to a pearl with an irregular shape. The period started around 1600 and ended around 1750 and included brilliant composers like Bach, Vivaldi and Handel, who pioneered new styles like the concerto and the sonata. This was also when people witnessed the explosion of the opera and classical ballet.

As to fashion, this era was highly ornate and extravagant in style.


Baroque Men


Men’s clothing accommodated the "cavalier style." They sported:

*High waists

*Wide lace collars

*Lace cuffs

*Knee-high boots, often turned down with lace

*Wide-brimmed hats with feathers

*Capes thrown over one shoulder

*Pantaloon breeches that fell to or below the knee and were loose

*Rhinegrave breeches which were long, loose, overly decorated pants ending just below the knee (they looked like skirts) and were worn with lace ruffles called cannons just below them; and

* Long lace ruffles or jabots at the opening of the neckline

This was the kind of fashion you would associate with the "Three Musketeers." And further into the reign of Louis XIV, men’s fashion became flamboyant.

Men wore long, loose hair, pointed beards and moustaches. Square-toed, high-heeled shoes with rosettes replaced boots. Men curled their hair and grew it past the shoulders or simply wore wigs of the same style. 


Baroque Women


Women’s clothing became much less restricting. They wore:

*Flexible stays that replaced corsets

* Flowing lace collars that became popular

* Skirts that were layered or padded at the hips to produce a full, flowing look (Two skirts were usually worn:

the overskirt (manteau) open at the front and formed a train or bustle at the back, and an underskirt)

* Plunging neckline called décolletage, often accompanied with wide lace collars

* High waistlines

*Long, pointed bodices and stiff stomachers that came back during the latter half of the period

*Sleeves that were large, gathered at the wrist or elbow and often with turned-back lace cuffs

*Solid-colored silks and brocade that were used more often than patterned fabrics, and the decorations consisted only of lace, tied or rosette ribbons, limited embroidery, and simple pearl jewelry.
Hair were in tight curls at the forehead and on both sides of the head, called “heartbreakers”; however, hairstyles progressively became higher (fontage hairstyles)

Lips and cheeks were often rouged. Face patches made of silk and velvet and cut into small shapes became very popular. Shoes acquired pointed toes and high heels, but women’s shoes were ironically much simpler than men’s.

Jewelry was very simple during this period, consisting of single strings of pearls or diamonds or sometimes a ribbon tied around the neck.


M A V Events was founded and named after the founders’ miracle child; “Maverick”. The child who was the sole reason and inspiration how the company came about into venturing a world that is consistently challenging but unique in every detail and absolutely fulfilling such as the world of events. As the name Maverick means “unconventional”, “unorthodox”, “unique”, “non-conformist”, “trendsetter” and the list just go on; so is the team and the company’s vision: To give its audience an extraordinary experience that will be worthy of a lifetime’s memory and as importantly the best value for a hard-earned money. To celebrate this memory and M A V Events inaugural entry into the world of events, the company has taken the challenge of bringing to Dubai the famous grand masquerade ball which is annually taking place in only the key and major cities of the world wherein the company believes Dubai should be amongst with, like Paris, Versailles, Venice, New York and Monaco.

To commence its mission in continuously bringing unique and spectacular experiences in the region, M A V Events is presenting Night of the Masked 2018 on 5th of October 2018 showcasing world-class entertainment in this year’s theme of Baroque era’s (1600’s – 1750’s centuries) rich heritage, arts and culture. With the most dedicated, brilliantly creative and hardworking team along with the top caliber precision of the founders, M A V Events is set to make its mark in the industry as the leader in delivering high quality and amazingly unique experiences in the world of events and entertainment.

Fahad Salem Al Marri
An engineer who is working in the tough & critical oil industry. He is fascinated with details & quality of any delivered work. He believes that with right knowledge, tools and the right determination, people can achieve their goals and exceed their limitations. M A V Events was founded to deliver this passion in the form of art to the society that is thirsty for everything unique.

Rohane TM Hughes
An engineer in the highly precise aviation and defense world, with a dedication to intricacies but amazingly despite of the orientation of her work, she is also fond of extraordinary events such as the masquerade balls and themed events. She plays a key role in conceptualizing the forthcoming of the Dubai version of the grand masquerade ball, Night of the Masked 2018. Her exquisite feminine touch is just the right and the required tool for every luxuriously fashioned event.
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